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Art Bathe® is a line of contemporary bathroom furniture produced and distributed by Johnson & Phillips Canada Ltd (J&P). Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovative design and provide consumers with high-quality products at prices significantly below those of our competitors. No longer should selection be limited to bland cookie-cutter designs or products that you have to mortgage your house to purchase .

A mid-range bathroom remodeling is a lucrative project for boosting your home’s value. Your average payback can be several times your investment. Unlike stocks or bonds, an Art Bathe® vanity is an investment that you can actually enjoy every day!

Art Bathe products are currently available in the following countries through specialty retailers: Canada, United States of America, Bermuda, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Macedonia

If you would like to offer Art Bathe® bathroom furniture in your store, use our products in your construction projects, or have us manufacture your original designs, please do not hesitate to contact us.