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Choosing the right vanity for you!

Bathroom vanity cabinets are a top priority for discerning people that are considering a new or remodelled bathroom. Today’s vanities now act as furniture; furniture that is as unique as you and the lifestyle you live. They are also center pieces that dramatically enhance the aura and style of the most used room in your home.

On a practical, monetary level, a stylish vanity will always add value to your home, therefore paying for itself. On a personal level, a well designed vanity that "fits” will provide years of enjoyment and soothe your senses every time you or your guests use it. Our Art Bathe bathroom vanities vary wildly and are replete with imaginative design possibilities. They do, however, all share one common trait: a timeless sense of style. When making the choice of which vanity is right for you, it can help to consider a few points besides just the style itself:


It seems simple but a key consideration sometimes overlooked is the size of your bathroom. Size directly determines some of your vanity choices. If your bathroom is small, consider an open-concept vanity like the Pharao. It will create the illusion of more space, yet has a large enough sink to be practical. On the other hand, a vanity such as the Alba measures out as 75” wide and features a double-sink countertop, perfect for a master ensuite.

Style of Countertop

Your vanity countertop choice will be one that defines your personal style. Ceramic tile used to be the traditional favourite in the bathroom, but now there are a myriad of choices available. Warm, natural marbles and sleek glass are the two primary choices that we carry. The quiet glamour of a mint green tempered glass sink incorporated into the countertop can give an equally clean and refreshingly urban feel.


Think of your current bathroom layout and the items and features you don't have that you need. Maybe you need extra storage in the bathroom? Perhaps you want to unclutter your shelves? Perhaps the bathroom for you is a minimalist place and storage occurs in another wardrobe or ante room? Choose a vanity that satisfies your list of needs and you will be well on your way to finding the right design for you.

Vessel Type

The clean, straight lines that dominate contemporary vanities are perfect to showcase the refined elegance of a stone vessel. Elegant and chic, vessel sinks stand on top of the vanity like a sculptured bowl, they are easy to maintain and provide a bold artistic flourish to any vanity.

Faucet Choice

Your faucet choices are numerous and are integral to the finished look of your vanity. Think of the faucet as a compliment to the overall tone of the bathroom vanity, brushed nickel or stainless steel are ageless finishes for the sleek, modern vanity of today.

Focal Point

Imagine your bathroom as a blank canvas; now see the vanity as a start point for your artistic imagination, everything else will flow from this choice. With care and a good quality vanity from Art Bathe you will achieve the look you are striving for. With richly-stained hardwoods, brushed nickel or stainless steel hardware and faucets, porcelain, stone or mint green glass sinks and countertops, each material brings your vanity a natural serenity and a sense of cool sophistication.


Your bathroom will never be the same.