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  • I love your stuff. Where can I buy it?
    Please contact us to locate an Art Bathe® dealer near you.
  • Will the glass break? We have small kids in our household and are afraid they may drop something on the countertops.
    Our glass countertops and sinks are made with tempered safety glass, which is four to six times stronger than regular annealed glass. Due to the balanced stresses in the glass, even if heavy damage did occur, it would eventually result in the glass shattering into safe, thumbnail sized pieces.
  • Why mint green as a standard in your glass countertops?
    Glass has a naturally green tint to it, and we feel that the natural mint green look (created by painting the underside of the natural glass white) is one that complements our wood stains and creates a soothing, spa-like feel. Mint green glass works well with most tile and stone, and based on consumer feedback, it is the most popular color people chose.
  • Do we have to assemble the vanities?
    No, our vanities are factory pre-assembled.
  • What kind of cartridges do your faucets use?
    The faucets we supply are made of brass and have ceramic cartridges that are NSF-approved and meet CSA standards.
  • Are custom sizes and designs possible?
    Yes, they are possible, but a minimum quantity of 10 units per design applies.
  • Why are there no prices posted on your website? How do I know if I can afford your products?
    Prices slightly vary by region due to logistical costs, taxes, duties, and a host of factors. It's best that you contact your dealer directly for pricing. Rest assured that Art Bathe® products can satisfy even the most budget-conscious consumers.
  • What do I use to polish the countertop?
  • What do I use to polish the countertop?

    The best method for cleaning marble is to use clean terry cloth and lukewarm water.

    If something does spill on the marble, wipe it up as soon as possible for the very best results.

    We recommend re-sealing your stone aproximately every 18 months with StoneSpecific penetrating sealers. These products can be found at The Home Depot nationwide.



  • How do I install a glass vessel?
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